Energy Upgrade Program

Tap into this enormous energy saving potential


EUC Overview

Energy Upgrade California™ (EUC) is a statewide program that was put in place to help homeowners improve the efficiency of their homes and save BIG on their utility bills. The program was designed to look at the entire house in general and assess what it needs to cut energy waste, make your home more comfortable, and give you, the homeowner, the fastest return on investment possible. This is one of the biggest pushes for energy conservation in the state on a residential platform so utility companies are giving back in big ways. You can earn up to $4,500 dollars in rebates directly from your local utility to help pay for your energy efficiency improvements! Currently EUC offers two packages for these rebates: Basic Package & Advanced Package.
The Basic Package is a fantastic way to take care of some of the most basic issues in the home and provide for greater energy efficiency and comfort. This option will, on average, result in a 10% savings from your energy consumption.
The Advanced Package is different from the basic path in that it is completely customizable and your rebate is directly correlated to the percentage of savings you generally see from performing the updates. This is where your rebate can make the big jump from $1,000 up to $4,500!

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