Rebates / Incentives

Tap into this enormous energy saving potential


Improve Efficiency On Someone Else’s Dime

Making the decision to “go green” doesn’t necessarily mean that all the “green” has to come from your wallet. Did you know that your local utility and local, state, and federal government offer rebates and incentives to help you save energy? Synergy Companies will help you take advantage of all the financial help that may be available to you to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals.

Utility Rebates

It may not make sense on the surface, but your local utility has an interest in helping you be as energy efficient as possible. To help you do so, many utilities offer rebates and incentives to help offset the cost of pursuing energy upgrades on your home. Synergy Companies has been working with utility companies for over 30 years to help customers save energy. Contact us now to find out more about rebates that may be available to you for the energy improvements you pursue.

Government Incentives

Interested in getting some of your tax dollars back? Energy upgrades, such as solar panels, provide an excellent opportunity for saving money on your utility bills as well as receiving government tax credits. Being informed on these matters is crucial to receiving the help you need, not only to save money upfront, but, to be sure that your investment makes financial sense in the long run.

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